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We are thrilled to able to offer this new service to not only our current clients, but to a plethora of new industries and verticals.  From sweeping panoramas to tracking specific subjects, we can provide the drone footage you need for your next project.  

We take particular pride in that we went the extra mile and learned from a real pilot of both manned and unmanned aircraft so we could understand where we as drone pilots fit into the overall aviation environment.  

This extra knowledge increases the value we provide because it means we never endanger you, others or property that we might be flying over or near.  We learned how to develop regular maintenance schedules and to understand how to be the safest drone operators possible.  

Why does this matter? Because the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has begun to clamp down on regulations surrounding drone (UAS-Unmanned Aerial Systems) operations, particularly when they are being operated in an unsafe and/or illegal manner.  Hiring a drone operator is about more than getting great footage, but ensuring that you are not opening yourself and your organization to legal liabilities from fines or other punishments; remember-ignorance is not a valid defense!

Let us do the planning for you while you relax and marvel at the kind of footage that our drones can provide.  We shoot in 4K resolution to maximize and future-proof your footage!

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