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Use Video to Qualify Your Leads

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Every business owner knows that one of the big keys to being successful is finding new customers. In today's marketing-saturated world, it's hard to stand out and even harder to find your audience.

What if you had a way to not only attract new customers, but lead them through a process where they qualified themselves before moving to the next step? This is called a marketing funnel, and video can be a huge tool in bringing your business new, qualified leads that are ready to buy.


If you run a consulting company, putting yourself on video can very quickly establish whether someone wants to work with you or not, based completely on how you come across, your personality and humor, etc. This saves you time in only meeting with people that are really keen on working with YOU; after all, if you are selling a service you are selling yourself first.

Video also allows you to automate your lead qualification process by guiding your leads through a proven system, using video as the media of choice, that generates highly qualified leads that only advance through the funnel based on information and answered questions that these videos have provided.

Imagine being able to include FAQ videos into your marketing funnels so when a lead makes it through the funnel, they are ready to purchase or at the very least have more educated and deeper level questions for your sales staff, resulting in higher conversion rates and higher sales figures.

How you choose to utilize video in lead qualification could be completely different from these examples, but that is the singular power of video-its flexibility and adaptability!

Watch the video below to find out just some of the ways video can help you find your next customer!

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