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Equipment Basics-Audio

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Arguably the most important part of your equipment list, microphones, headphones, speakers, etc. are some of the pieces you will need when producing your own videos. This top-level introduction to audio will help you understand what audio solution might be right for you.

Two things you will need to understand:

Pickup patterns: these patterns refer to how and where a microphone best picks up sound in relation to the sound source-there are specific uses for each pattern where they work best and knowing this can help you select the right microphone solution for your needs.

Types of Microphones: the type of microphone does not necessarily dictate the pickup pattern-many microphones on the market have interchangeable "heads" that allow you to change the pickup pattern, so understanding the differences between a lavalier/lapel, large diaphragm, shotgun, bi-directional, etc. can help you save money by ensuring you get what's right for you!

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