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Helpful Equipment-TelePrompter

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Last month we talked about the basic equipment you will need to produce your own content-this month we continue this theme and look at optional, but helpful, equipment that can make producing content even easier and more efficient! This week-it's the teleprompter!

The teleprompter sometimes gets a bad rap because they used to be really expensive-these days, though, you can have one for under $200. This might still seem like a lot and if that's you, then YouTube can help you out with DIY ideas and tutorials galore!

Teleprompter are awesome for doing on-camera work, especially when you are not accustomed to being on camera and you're nervous about remembering what you want to say, etc. They can help you stay on track and you can either use them in outline form, as I do, where I have bullet points to help me stay on track, or you can use them in the traditional manner with a script that scrolls as you talk. I love my teleprompter and while I can do fairly well without one, it is very helpful in keeping me on point!

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