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Corporate Video Marketing

This Video Business Card captures the awe and wonder that surrounds the world of magicians.  


Infusing short customer comments and reactions helps establish that Craig Martin is an incredible magician technically, but he can blend corporate messaging and branding into his shows.

By using multiple staff members to describe what this practice is all about, this Video Business Card doesn't come across as a sales asset, but rather an educational video. 


Prospects feel much more comfortable trusting you if they have a deeper understanding of what you do and how that benefits them.  

The founder of Bedmart and his daughter did an incredible job of establishing the culture inside the company and how that culture filters down into every level of the company.  

Humorous stories of how they started and interviews with other staff help to create a personable feel that we can relate to.  We also have the owner of the company establishing their goals and satisfaction guarantee, which carries a lot of credibility with potential customers.  

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