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A full 90% of searchers have not decided on a brand when they begin their online search for a product or service.  This is huge potential for market share and ensuring you are doing everything you can to show up higher in Google rankings for your market segment.

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Even more important is content marketing, which generates 3x the amount of leads than paid search advertising.  This means photos and videos shared on social as well as blogging can have up to 3x higher ROI than PPC (pay-per-click)


A significant number of businesses plan to add YouTube and Facebook Video as content distribution channels in the next year.  If you're not part of that 87%, you could lose market share and fall behind.

Marketing is changing at an ever-increasing pace and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and platforms.  

Being able to understand which marketing strategies are right for you and where you are likely to see the highest ROI takes time and energy, which you or your staff likely don't have. 

Timato Productions can do this work for you, analyzing what strategies are best for your situation and brain-storming out-of-the-box solutions to help you succeed!

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