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This video captures the awe and wonder that surrounds the world of magicians.  Infusing short customer comments and reactions helps to establish that not only is Craig Martin an incredible magician technically, but he can blend corporate messaging and branding into his shows.

With hundreds of landscaping services in the area, how do you setup yourself apart?  


First, you establish what kind of customer you are looking for.  Secondly, you appeal to that customer by informing them of what your company uniquely offers.  Lastly, you pack so much value into your service that the purchase decision is made simple for the customer.

A product or service video helps you to focus solely and much more in-depth on what the product or service offers to the buyer. These do not have to be long and in fact are better if they are fairly short, perhaps 2 minutes on the long side.  

You want to give your buyer a good feel for what they are going to be buying.  This is another area where video can help answer buyer questions before they are asked, saving your sales staff valuable time and informing your buyer so if they do need to talk to a sales person, they can have a much more effective and efficient dialogue.

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