The Video Business Card tells the history of your company, what has led to your success and establishes how your experiences set you apart from the competition.  

This video serves many purposes; it helps set the tone and "personality" of your company to help attract your ideal customer.  It also gives people an introduction to the space, to the company and helps answer common questions like, "What do you do?" and "How long have you been around?"  The video also helps people understand what your company is about, what kind of people work there and what are they like?  It helps your website visitors start to develop relationships with your staff which will go a long way in making your prospects feel comfortable when they are calling or walking into your facility.

The founder of Bedmart, Steven Stone, and his daughter, Elana, did an incredible job of establishing the culture inside the company and how that culture filters down into every level of the company.  

Humorous stories of how they started and interviews with other staff help to create a personable feel that we can relate to.  We also have the owner of the company establishing their goals and satisfaction guarantee, which carries a lot of credibility with potential customers.  

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