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Video in Your Public Relations

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Have you ever had an unhappy customer leave a bad review? How about a data breach? Be thankful if you have never experienced the potential nightmare that a public relations disaster can bring, but it also doesn't take a disaster to know how video can help you communicate with the community around your business.

Video is ideally positioned to communicate a large amount of information quickly because we live in a world that is so media-saturated, we are very accustomed to absorbing information visually and audibly; by using both senses, information is conveyed and, more importantly, understood quickly.

You have probably heard the phrase "get out in front of," be it in a TV show, movie or perhaps in your corporate environment. It means to respond to a potential crisis and misunderstanding of an event. A written press release can leave a lot of questions whereas a press conference that utilizes audio and video allows access to two things we do not get in a press release-body language and the non-verbal communication cues in the human face, which makes up 90% of communication between humans! Showing calmness, steadfastness, resolve, strength and the like goes a long way in reassuring viewers, customers, etc. And while I'm not a fan of spin-doctoring, this is an important part of any public relations skillset-being able to control the narrative of a story or event in order to minimize or at least try to control any damage to the organization or brand.

More questions about how video helps with public relations?

Watch below...

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